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Atmospherics, Creature Design, and Bad Horror

Horror deals in something fundamental: fear. More than that, though, it can incorporate the full range of human emotions through a medium that is both enjoyable, entertaining, and deeply cathartic. But in order to succeed, horror needs to master a few key ingredients. Comparing Terrifier and The Nun, BLK STG gets to the heart of why one succeeds and the other doesn’t.


Slenderman isn’t a good movie, but it does several things surprisingly well, and for its genre, it’s an impressive leap forward for smashing the Bechdel Test.

The Ritual

The Ritual may not be the most original horror film to come out this year, but it makes up for that with great acting, tension, and a final creature that is one for the ages.


Ari Aster’s new horror film Hereditary is an instant classic of the genre, pushing forth with a heartbreaking story of familial trauma and grief. A modern day The Witch, Hereditary is a supernatural horror film that doesn’t need the supernatural to be scary.