"No Regrets" - Short Film

A short film adaption of the short story “No Regrets” by Becky Reynolds. Written by Paul-Thomas Ferguson

Directed by Andrew Edmark. Starring Leslie Munson, Joshua Kahn, Victoria Armas, and Scott Naumann.

Produced by Two-Toms-Two Productions. To see more, visit http://www.againsttheoddsseries.com

Derry Public Radio - The Stand Pt.5 – “Deus Touches the Machina”

The circle closes as we reach the end of The Stand. Join us for this jam packed wrap up of book three as we discuss the true female hero of our story as Dayna faces off against Flagg, Ben doesn’t understand anatomy, the holiness of Trashcan Man, the domino effect of Flagg losing control over his people, the humanizing of the citizens of Vegas, the crew from Boulder finally faces off against Flagg’s men, the theological ramifications of the final confrontation, and a stunning epilogue that left us with a great question. Here’s to love, to friends, and Kung-Fu on Episode 35, “Deus Touches the Machina”.

The Next Big Thing

If you’ve been following us over at Derry Public Radio, you’ve seen us talk about having a lot in the works. With our first convention of the year, Planet Funk Con, behind us we are turning our focus to the next big things.

The Long Walk: Part One

The Long Walk may not be a great book but it’s a fascinating career choice for the emerging Richard Bachman, and a tremendous palate cleanser between King’s earliest works and the flurry of cocaine-fueled activity that would be the hallmark of his late-1970’s and 1980’s output.

Children of the Corn

“Children of the Corn” may not be Stephen King’s most original work, yet it continues to be a fan favorite because it taps into something truly horrifying about the American experiment.