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Welcome to the basement of the Derry Civic Center. Pay no mind to the strange sounds coming from behind the Unfound Door. It’s just your ka-tet, who are here to provide you with a variety of perspectives on Stephen King’s work – ranging from the comfortably familiar to the frighteningly fanatic. Derry Public Radio is here to keep you up-to-date with all that’s happening in Derry, Maine and “beyond.”
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Episode 35 – The Stand Pt.5 – “Deus Touches the Machina”

The circle closes as we reach the end of The Stand. Join us for this jam packed wrap up of book three as we discuss the true female hero of our story as Dayna faces off against Flagg, Ben doesn’t understand anatomy, the holiness of Trashcan Man, the domino effect of Flagg losing control over his people, the humanizing of the citizens of Vegas, the crew from Boulder finally faces off against Flagg’s men, the theological ramifications of the final confrontation, and a stunning epilogue that left us with a great question. Here’s to love, to friends, and Kung-Fu on Episode 35, “Deus Touches the Machina”.

The Stand

Episode 34 – The Stand Pt.4 – “I Second It!”

We get the return of a character we didn’t know we needed and say farewell to many more on part four of The Stand. Tune in as the Derry Public Radio staff covers how useless Josh and Ben would be in the apocalypse, Fran’s excessive negligence, the good guys steal the government, Harold gets a chance at redemption, CM becomes Sheriff, the heart wrenching scene in Tom Cullen’s home, Ben plugs a Mountain Goats song, an attack on the lives of the Committee leads us to the point of no return, and Josh reveals the true villain of the story. Book Two closes with a bang on Episode 34, “I Second It!”


Episode 33 – The Stand Pt.3 – “They’re Cold, Right?”

A new world order is starting to take shape as we discuss part three of The Stand. Join Derry Public Radio as we discuss finally meeting Mother Abigail, Nick is given his destiny, Stu and Fran each unwittingly start a snowball effect with a tragic end, we encounter one of the darkest chapters thus far, Harold begins his descent into darkness, Ben reveals his “Annie Wilkes”, King gives us one of the worst characters we’ve ever met, Trashcan Man becomes one of the most complex characters in the story, and our heroes. Don’t forget to practice your smile for Episode 33, “They’re Cold, Right?”


Episode 32 - The Stand Pt.2 - “Lovers in the Nighttime”

Captain Trips has made its mark as we move further into The Stand. Join Derry Public Radio as we discuss Ben’s relationship to one of our new characters, CM gives the best description of a character ever, we get another terrifying scene from Flagg, Lloyd’s desperate act to stay alive, Larry’s complex relationship with Rita, Glenn’s sociology thesis, we honor our favorite Darwin Award winners during the second epidemic, and the endearing relationship between Nick and Tom Cullen. M-O-O-N that spells Episode 32, “Lovers in the Nighttime”.


Episode 31 – The Stand Pt.1 – “Hitting the Reset Button”

Derry Public Radio is finally taking on The Stand! Both our longest and most requested book! Join us as we discuss the spread of the Super Flu from its origin of a single man to the world, Stu’s growth from apathy to badass, the beginning of the dreams, CM's advice on how to handle a pregnancy announcement, how each character could be their own book, and King’s ability to write both sides of hot button issues. It’s the beginning of the end of the world on Episode 31, “Hitting the Reset Button”.

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Episode 30 – The Running Man Pt.3 – “Performatively Woke”

We wrap up our Running Man coverage by watching the movie that can only be described as loosely based on the source material. In this episode, Josh watched the movie for the first time and Ben and CM watched Josh watch the movie for the first time. Tune in as CM performs out of context one-liner theater, Ben argues that zones make everything better, the hilarious inconsistencies in the characters, the beyond entertaining action pieces, and Josh drops a few side stories. For those of you playing the home game, it’s time for Episode 30, “Performatively Woke”.

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Episode 29 – The Running Man Pt.2 – “Ben Richards 3:16”

We can’t stay in one place for too long for the second half of The Running Man. Join us as we discuss the numerous injuries Ben Richards sustains, the hilarious inefficiency of air cars, the use of Deus Ex Machina, Richards’ use of the public attention as a defensive weapon, class tension, the bluff to end all bluffs, the intensely climactic airborne finale, and Josh proves his most important point once and for all. We’re T-Minus 0 until you can listen to our conclusion on Episode 29, “Ben Richards 3:16”.

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Episode 28 – The Running Man Pt.1 – “Slamming Bud Lights"

We're taking our first steps into part 1 of The Running Man. Not only is it our one year anniversary but it's our first Patreon selection from Ka-Tel Member, Phil Thesen! Join us as we discuss the correlations between The Running Man and The Long Walk in Bachman's world, Josh reveals his headcanon casting for Ben Richards, the foothold that overt racism has in this dystopia, whether this book is science fiction vs action/adventure, one of the most intensely claustrophobic scenes ever written, and we are introduced to the larger than life situation that opens Ben's eyes. Come on down! You're the next contestant on Episode 28, “Slamming Bud Lights".


Episode 27 – Pet Sematary Pt.4 – “Potato Accident”

We’re saying farewell to Ludlow on the final episode covering Pet Sematary. On this episode we’ll be covering the original movie, the sequel, and the remake. Join us as we discuss how true to book the original movie is, Gage being Chucky, the color Yellow, what Pet Sematary 2 was supposed to be, our spoiler filled review and thoughts on the remake, and we hear some reviews from our fans who joined us at Cinemark for the premiere! We’re coming back from the dead one last time on Episode 27, “Potato Accident".


Episode 26 – Pet Sematary Pt.3 – “Nature Club”

Much like Gage, we’re laying this book to rest in our final episode of the Pet Sematary book. Join us as we discuss the tragedy of Louis succumbing to the power of the burial ground, the logistics of having an undead child, whether Ellie has the Shining, equating physically killing Gage to killing him through in action, the terrifying trek through Little God Swamp, the heartbreaking finale that destroyed our emotions, and what we wanted for the fates of our characters. I brought you something mommy, it’s Episode 26, “Nature Club”.


Episode 25 – Pet Sematary Pt.2 – “I Regret That”

This week we return from the Micmac burial ground followed by our favorite cat. Join us as we discuss how honest Jud’s reason for sharing the secret with Louis was, the origins of Rachel’s fear of death, the different ways our grieve for their loved ones, the most heartbreaking death scene we’ve ever read, and CM threatens Josh in the strangest way possible. The soil of our hearts gets stonier on Episode 25, “I Regret That”.


Episode 24 – Pet Sematary Pt.1 – “Who's the Baby's Momma?”

In a Derry Public Radio first, the team is reading a Stephen King book NONE of them have read, Pet Sematary! Join in the discussion as we get to know the Creed's as they start their new life, Rachel's confusing views on death, how Louis has the worst first day ever, our conflicting feelings about Louis Creed himself, and our first trip to the Micmac burial ground! Don't look down, don't hesitate, it's Episode 24, "Who's the Baby's Momma?"


Episode 23 – The Long Walk Pt.3 – “Fine! I Give Up!”

It’s time for our third and final warning on The Long Walk. Tune in as we learn the greatest compliment you can give a woman, how emotional we were over the tragic ends of our remaining Walkers, Stebbins’ history and motivations are revealed, the devious details behind how The Long Walk works, the incredible ending, and Ben’s research reveals the “true ending”. Safety’s are clicked off, and rifles aimed for Episode 23, “Fine! I Give Up!”


Episode 22 – The Long Walk Pt.2 – “You Go, Italian Ghost!”

Join us as we get our second warning on “The Long Walk." Tune in as we cover our desire to know more about previous Long Walks, the strategy of going it alone vs needing friends, what the breaking of their magic circle really means to Garraty, the dark secrets we learn about the other Walkers, Ben gives us more info about his bowels than we ever asked for, and the most gruesome death of the book shakes us to our emotional core. Crack open a fresh watermelon for Episode 22, “You Go, Italian Ghost!”


Episode 21 – The Long Walk Pt.1 – “The Major is a Bigfoot”

On this episode of Derry Public Radio, we hit the pavement for the first five chapters of “The Long Walk”. Join in the discussion of how “Battle Royale” pop culture effects the reveal of “getting your ticket punched”, the implications of the world outside The Long Walk itself, CM physically puts herself to the challenge of keeping pace, how this is not only physically challenging but mentally, and how sheer luck plays into their fates. Listen no slower than 4 miles per hour on Episode 21, “The Major is a Bigfoot”.


Episode 20 – Revival Pt.2 – “Preacher VS Magician”

Tune in to Derry Public Radio as we explore the very Lovecraftian second half to King’s “Revival”. Full of twists, turns, and blindsides this book goes off the rails in the best way. Join in as we discuss possible tie-ins to Salem’s Lot and The Club, the secret of secret electricity, if the book is anti-science, the real burden of knowledge, and the most insane ending to a book that we’ve covered so far. We’re waiting for you on the other side of the door in Episode 20, “Preacher VS Magician”.


Episode 19 – Revival Pt.1 – “Delicious Foreshadowing”

New Year, new book! This week Derry Public Radio kicks off 2019 with the first half of “Revival”. Join in the conversation about a book that’s partially responsible for our show existing! On this episode we discuss fate vs coincidence, CM creates an adorable name for a literary device, what constitutes a “nemesis”, Josh’s heart breaks, the Terrible Sermon, and what a crisis of faith can do to a person. We’ve got the episode to cure what ails you on Episode 19, “Delicious Foreshadowing”.


Episode 18 – Salem’s Lot Pt.3 – “Terror Comes From the Tongue”

Wrapping up their Salem’s Lot coverage, the DPR Staff watch the three hour Salem’s Lot miniseries! Tune in as we discuss the absurd casting, a surprise Fred Willard, how perfect the Marsten House is as a set piece, Josh and CM reenact their favorite scene, the most sinister acting ever done by a crate, the weird changes made to Mark, and one scene causes all three to become immediately furious! Sharpen your stakes for Episode 18, “Terror Comes From the Tongue”.


"A Merry Derry Christmas Special"

Derry Public Radio takes a step back from the books on this very special Christmas episode! Tune in for a candid episode of Josh, CM, and Ben having some casual discussion and playing a few games all connected to the Stephen King books they've covered this year. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy this peek into our personalities in this bonus episode. We've had a great year and you've all been a part of it! Now please enjoy, "A Merry Derry Christmas Special".


Episode 17 – Salem’s Lot Pt.2 – “Home Alone’d”

On this episode of Derry Public Radio, the DPR staff wraps up the second half of Salem’s Lot (for real, we promise). The team of vampire fighters finally forms and takes the fight to the dark forces in Salem’s Lot. As the body count rises, we discuss how all the dominoes set up and how satisfying they fall in this second half, what a badass Mark Petrie is, the epic face-off with Barlow, Callahan’s terrifying ending, the terrible decisions Jimmy Cody makes, and the reveal of Ben’s master plan! Don’t lose faith on Episode 17, “Home Alone’d”


Episode 16 – Salem’s Lot Pt.1 – “Doin’ the Do”

On this episode, the Derry Public Radio staff starts reading the first part of “Salem’s Lot”. Tune in as we discuss the lore behind the town of Jerusalem’s Lot, the pros and cons of beginning at the end, age gaps which should be noted, Ben Mears’ absurd level of passive acceptance, and the ever present theme of cynicism vs belief. Keep out of direct sunlight and begin Episode 16, “Doin’ the Do”.


Episode 15 – Misery Pt.3 – “Podcast Over"

This week the DPR staff sit down to watch the movie “Misery”. Listen in as Ben reveals some insane possible casting choices, Josh busts open the case for the theory of “the actual” Misery, CM reveals her phobia of watching people get shaved, the addition of the best characters ever, the effect of losing the addiction subplot, and especially the goddess, Kathy Bates, well deserved Oscar winning performance. You’ll never know the fear of losing listeners like you, if you’re a podcast like us on Episode 15, “Podcast Over”.


Episode 14 – Misery Pt.2 – “Must Be Nice"

In this week’s episode, the DPR staff wrap up the intense second half of “Misery”. Join us as we delve into King’s handling of the subject of mental health, the ego of Annie Wilkes, The Scene, Josh ruins reading for Ben forever, Annie’s transition from Monster to Goddess, and Ben brings to light a theory about “the actual story”. We’re putting our foot down on Episode 14, “Must Be Nice”.


Episode 13 – Misery Pt.1 – “Mr. Picklocks"

In this week’s episode, the DPR staff begin the first half of the terrifying book, Misery. Join in as they discuss how Annie Wilkes is one of the best Stephen King villains of all time, whose perspective the story is really from, CM totally creeps Ben and Josh out, the idea of Misery as a “love letter”, and the themes of pain, addiction, and dependency. We’re you’re number one fan on Episode 13, “Mr. Picklocks”.


Episode 12 – Different Seasons Pt.4 – “Roundgeeps Strumpet"

We’ve reached the end of Different Seasons, wrapping up by reading “The Breathing Method”. In this episode the DPR staff discusses the power of effective storytelling, stories within stories, Josh’s overconfidence finally catches up with him, the most amazing female character covered so far, Ben has a great theory about Stevens, the intensity of the mystery of “The Club”, it’s effect on the outside world, and CM does the most insane thing Ben has ever heard! Get ready because we’re about to take your breath away with Episode 12, “Roundgeeps Strumpet”.


Episode 11 – Different Seasons Pt.3 - "Not My Balls, Not My Leech"

Derry Public Radio visits the Fall season of Different Seasons reading “The Body”, and watching “Stand By Me”. On this episode we learn that Joshua Kahn equates human life to the life of a deer, Ben opens up about the kind of child he was, the way this coming of age story is so unique, the very few changes the movie makes both good and bad, expectation vs reality, CM makes the best joke ever, and the massive difference in the endings of the two. You guys wanna hear about a dead body? This is Episode 11, “Not My Balls, Not My Leech.”


Episode 10 – Different Seasons Pt.2 - "Can I Unwatch This?"

This particularly dark episode Derry Public Radio continues with Different Seasons. Both reading and watching, "Apt Pupil". Join in as your hosts explore the approach of a story with two antagonists who are real world monsters, the film's lack of emotion and what it costs the overall story, themes of sexuality, violence, and manipulation, and the incredibly different endings between the story and movie. Josh, CM, and Ben have a lot of feelings about this one and you're Apt to as well listening to Episode 10, "Can I Unwatch This?"


Episode 9 – Different Seasons Pt.1 - "Send Me $500"

On this episode of Derry Public Radio, the DPR staff dive into the first novella of Different Seasons, “Rita Hayworth and Shawkshank Redemption”. Listen in as they cover both the book and movie and how hard it is to separate them, Andy as flesh and blood vs his myth and legend, how the concepts of time and hope play into the narrative, Josh calls Stephen King a cheater, CM defends a murderer, and Ben talks butts. It’s time to get busy living or get busy listening to Episode 9, “Send Me $500”.


Episode 8 – Dark Half Pt.3 - "Timothy Huttons"

On today’s episode of Derry Public Radio, the DPR staff wraps up The Dark Half by watching the movie. Join in as they discuss Timothy Hutton’s method on playing Thad/George and the incredible details he put into playing both. Ben gets his wish seeing the story told as a mystery, how the small changes affect major character, the backstory the movie adds to the overall story, George Romero’s impact and thoughts on the project, and the best character from Part 1 makes a leap from book to screen. Get carried off into the void on Episode 8, “Timothy Huttons.”


Episode 7 – Dark Half Pt.2 - "Chekov’s Scissors"

On today’s episode of Derry Public Radio, Ben leads the discussion on the dark half of The Dark Half. Join the DPR staff as they discuss the effects of humanizing a monster, Ben meets his new favorite character of all time, the excitement in parallel storytelling, what a badass Liz is, and how the final confrontation changes all their lives forever. Keep an eye out for psychopomps because this is Episode 7, “Chekov’s Scissors.”


Episode 6 – Dark Half Pt.1 - "Thaddy Daddy"

On today’s episode of Derry Public Radio, Ben leads the discussion of the first half of The Dark Half! The DPR staff discusses the different tones when you follow two protagonists, how eye imagery impacts the story, Thad’s sad future, showing versus telling, and Josh gives the main character a nickname CM hates! Ask Momma if you believe this is Episode 6, “Thaddy Daddy.”


Episode 5 – Joyland Pt.2 – “Are Ghosts Dumb?”

In this episode of Derry Public Radio, the DPR staff finishes the second half of Joyland. CM once again leads the discussion as the DPR staff covers Mike’s Shining, the surprising layers of Eddie Parks, Devin’s complex relationships with Annie and Mike, CM breaks down the Funhouse Killer’s victims, Josh talks sex, Ben continues his tradition of messing up character names, and our killer is revealed! All this and more on Derry Public Radio Episode 5, “Are Ghosts Dumb?”


Episode 4 - Joyland Pt.1 - "Let me be Baloo!"

In today’s episode of Derry Public Radio, your DPR staff heads to North Carolina’s premiere amusement park, Joyland. As they explore the first half of this Hard Case Crime novel, CM leads the discussion about how real and honest the characters feel, Josh’s strong feelings about the narrator’s voice, and Ben’s personal connection to the story. All this and more on Derry Public Radio Episode 4, “Let me be Baloo!”


Episode 3 - Carrie Pt.3 - "Porky's, but Everyone Dies”

The Derry Public Radio staff takes a break from reading as they watch the original “Carrie”. We also explore the other “Carrie” media including the remake, the sequel, and…. the musical! Join us as we cover our likes, dislikes, castings that could have been, and much more. Lastly we reveal our next book so that you can read along with us next episode and shout out to some of our great DPR fans!


Episode 2 - Carrie Pt.2 - "Raw Cob."

As we move into our new studio space (after the first one was blown up in a fit of telekinetic rage at our Episode 1 Post-Prom) Derry Public Radio discusses the second half of "Carrie". Join the DPR Staff in breaking down what makes Carrie so tragic, who is the true villain of the story, how many ways this story could have turned out different, and finally, the fate of Chamberline. You may notice a slight difference in sound quality while we work out the kinks. We're happy to report that any sound issues have since been resolved.


Episode 1 - Carrie Pt.1 - "Hello, it's Mr. Nasty."

In the pilot episode of Derry Public Radio, meet the staff behind this Stephen King Podcast. Join us as we discuss hard hitting topics such as feminism, religion, and X-Men fan fiction.

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