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The Skinny

I am a bibliophile. There, I said it. I have been in love with books since I was about 6 years old, the smell of them, the heaviness of a good hardcover edition, the universes held within them.

But the real flowering of my love for books began when I was 9 years old and I wandered into the adult section of my small town library, and saw those two iconic letters:


I pulled the book off the shelf, and stared for at least 5 minutes at the cover, the shadowy edges, the paper boat heading toward those scaly, grasping claws. And above it all, ITBold and red, elemental in its baseness. 

I checked out the book (with my mom's permission...I was 9 after-all), and devoured it in a matter of weeks. It changed my life. I recognized myself in those children, and it made adulthood seem like something sad, but somehow less scary. It made me want to be a storyteller; first a writer, then a songwriter, and now a brand and marketing executive. It was the first real chapter book I ever read, and it is the yardstick against which all other books are measured.

It opened the floodgates to a lifelong passion for books, writing, and writers, and standing above them all is Stephen King, my first writerly obsession.

Stephen King. The first, the best.

This site is dedicated to his stories, and the myriad derivative works that his endlessly captivating imagination has spawned. I hope you'll join me as I move through these amazing works of art.


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