Constant Readers is the home of Derry Public Radio. More than that, Constant Readers is a home for the celebration of Stephen King and horror in general. The website is our chance to share with you beyond the podcast and celebrate a much broader perspective. It also gives us a chance to collaborate with several writers we admire.

Meet your “Constant Readers” Staff 

C.M. Alexander - Derry Public Radio

Hi and welcome! I’m C.M. Alexander and I have an obsessive and probably unhealthy love of horror and science fiction. My favorites of the genres are Stephen King, George Romero, John Carpenter, and Ronald D. Moore. Oh! I also love Neil Gaiman, Dan Simmons, John Harrison, – (Editor’s note: We made her stop. She wouldn’t have done so on her own). When I’m not reading Stephen King or watching Star Trek: TNG, I’m working in a school as a Social Worker. I also co-host, edit, and produce Derry Public Radio, a Stephen King Book Club Podcast. Check us out!


Joshua Kahn - Derry Public Radio

Joshua Kahn is an entertainer originally from 29 Palms, CA. Currently living in the Quad Cities. When he is not reading and recording for Derry Public Radio he is typically performing improv comedy, hosting for Bottoms Up Quad City Burlesque, or producing short films and webseries with Two-Toms-Two Productions. You can see their webseries at



Ben Graham - Derry Public Radio

Ben Graham once wrote an X-Men erotic fan fiction that made an audience member hearing it pee their pants a little. If you want a taste of his ability, listen to The Long Walk episodes on Derry Public Radio. Oh yeah! He’s also one of the hosts of Derry Public Radio… should have probably lead with that.